Pallet Truck with Scale
Pallet Truck with Scale

Pallet Truck with Scale


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The Pallet Truck with Digital Scale allows you to weigh your load on the spot for maximum efficiency. The frame uses heavy-duty steel construction for maximum strength and durability. The scale is very user friendly and is suitable for low height lifting. The built-in scale allows you to weigh your load as you are handling it. The scale is selectable in a variety of increments to adjust to the size of your load. It has keyboard calibration and functional setup with automatic zero capabilities. Digital filtering is used to help compensate for vibration and motion to make the Pallet Truck with Scale smooth and accurate. Forks are 7" wide each. Factory calibrated for shipping destination. Scale is powered with (4) C batteries.

The  features:
1. Pallet Scale Capacity is 5,000 lbs.
2. Load cells built into forks
3. 99.9% accurate
4. Service range: 3” to 7.5”
5. 40 hours continuous battery use (approximately)
6. Push-button tare, clear and zero
7. Programmable auto shut-off
8. Available in lbs. or kg.
9. Not legal for trade