Planned Maintenance

Badger's Planned Maintenance Service

Service on All Forklift Makes and Models

Recommended every 2,000 hours. Our Major Programmed Maintenance Service Plan includes:

LP Forklifts Electric Forklifts
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Oil Change and Complete Lube, New Air Filter
  • Differential Oil Change
  • Hydraulic Oil & Filter Change, Clean Sump Screen
  • Transmission Oil & Filter Change
  • Tune-Up (Cap, Rotor, Plugs, Wires, PCV Valve)
  • Adjust/Replace Fan Belts
  • Inspect All Hydraulic Cylinders for Leaks/Wear
  • Inspect All Mast & Carriage Rollers
  • Inspect All Hydraulic Hosing
  • Load Test Battery/Check Charging System
  • Drain & Refill Radiator Coolant
  • Inspect Brake System, Repack Drive Wheel Bearings
  • Inspect Steer Axle Components, Repack Wheel Bearings
  • Inspect Fuel System, Adjust for Best Performance/Emissions
  • Inspection of Safety Equipment
  • Complete Written Report/Quote on Items Needing Repair
  • Power Wash (Steam Cleaning)
  • Inspect, Lube and Adjust Lift Chains
  • Drain and Fill Differential Fluids
  • Pack Front and Rear Axles
  • Thorough Operational and Component Test
  • Remove Battery, Wash Compartment and Battery
  • Drain Hydraulic System, Replace Fluid and Filter
  • Inspect Battery Electrolyte Specific Gravity Level, Voltage and Overall Battery Condition
  • Blow Out All Motors, Check Motor Brush and Commentator Condition for Wear and Damage
  • Inspect Contactors and Switch for Wear and Serviceability
  • Badger ToyotaLift provides planned maintenance programs customized to your operation. A customer service representative will visit your plant or factory to determine a plan that's right for you.

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