Lift Truck Log
Lift Truck Log

Lift Truck Log


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A complete daily forklift safety checklist system for forklift operators

As per CSA B335-04 Section 6.8 - Preoperational Inspection, all forklifts be inspected before the beginning of each shift. The Lift Truck Log provides 624 daily forklift checklists (over 2-years) in one complete kit. If the truck requires maintenance there is a Forklift Repair Request Form that can be filled out to alerts management of the mechanical failure. All information in stored in the Log to keep a history of the mechanical condition of the truck. In the event that the forklift does not pass inspection the Lift Truck Log contains a lock-out tag to tag-out the equipment for safety.

The Lift Log comes in a highly durable and visible storage case that can be easy mounted anywhere on the forklift with double sided tape.

Four different forklift safety checklists are available: Propane counterbalance, electric counterbalance, electric pallet truck and reach truck inspection forms.

By request, the log book has an optional Spanish template so it can be used in both English and Spanish.

The Lift Truck Log comes complete with:

  • Daily Check Lists - 624
  • Repair Request Forms - 24
  • Accident Report Forms - 4
  • Near-miss Report Forms - 4
  • Lock-out Tag (required if truck unsafe to operate)
  • PM Tracking History - 36 Events (know when to service each lift truck)
  • Poly Plastic Case
  • Pen
  • Lock-out Tag-out Tag with pull strap