EZ-Fit 6' Retractable Lanyard

EZ-Fit 6' Retractable Lanyard


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The EZ-Fit 6' Retractable Lanyard can be used in conjunction with the EZ-Fit Harness to arrest a free fall within inches rather than a few feet as with a standard shock-absorbing lanyard. The EZ-Fit Retractable Lanyard comes with a steel twist-lock carabiner and a locking snap hook and is OSHA/ANSI compliant.

Product Features:

  • Inner core shock absorber smoothly expands to absorb shock and prevent injury
  • Unique tamper signalling system alerts workers of a previously deployed lanyard
  • Built-in swivel prevents lifeline from twisting
  • Rated for up to 400 lbs capacity
  • EZ twist-lock carabiner
  • EZ locking snap hook – 3/4″