Danger Zone Pedestrian Safety Training DVD Kit

Danger Zone Pedestrian Safety Training DVD Kit


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Over one third of all lift truck related accidents involve pedestrians. The Danger Zone Pedestrian safety DVD is designed to illustrate many of the potential hazards which could occur when both pedestrians and forklifts are working around in the same area. This pedestrian warehouse safety DVD covers: rules of the road, basic forklift principals, safety tips for pedestrians, a pedestrian safety evaluation and a forklift operator safety evaluation. 

This video is an excellent way for forklift instructors to educate all employees how to work around dangerous forklift equipment. It also features the song Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins for added entertainment. CC Available


The  features:
1. (1) 15 min. Danger Zone Training DVD
2. (1) 17" x 22" Poster
3. (1) Instructor's Guide
4. (2) Laminated Forklift Safety Signs