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Auto-Stand Plus Stabilizing Jack


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Only one stand required! 

The Auto-Stand Plus is user friendly by being easy to move, simple to operate and provides the free-fall security necessary to prevent accidents, which can cause serious injury to personnel or equipment. The dock attendant simply moves the trailer stand into position under the nose of the trailer, unlocks the Auto-Stand Plus using its ergonomically designed security lever, which allows it to rise automatically to contact the underside of the trailer, and then locks it using the security lever. Even people who have never used the Auto-Stand Plus will find it simple to use with the illustrated instructions located on its main beam.

The  features:
16" Diameter Wheels
Large Base Pad (17" x 18.5")
Large Trailer Contact Pad (5" x 30")
Service Range: 37" - 48"
Static Capacity: 100,000 lbs
Wide Handles with Grips for Easy Positioning