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“MAKE THE SWITCH” Trade-In Program:

Valid from June 17, 2021 to December 31, 2021.

Make the switch from LP to Electric and receive a $3,500.00 rebate!

Applies to Toyota or competitive brand LP Cushion Tire or Pneumatic Tire Truck.

General Rules

  • Trade in unit must be a Toyota or competitive branded LPG, Duel Fuel, or Gas model.
  • Rebates eligible for ITA Class 1 & 5 models.
    • Excludes THD.
    • Rebate Amounts:
    • Class 1: $3,500
    • Class 5: $2,500
  • Dealer is required to enter promotional incentive code in CRM on all participating new opportunities that are retailed ordered:
    • US Class 1: E3 225338
    • CAN Class 1: E4 225339
    • US Class 5: E5 225340
    • CAN Class 5: E6 225341
  • New customer retail orders for qualified customers/trade-ins must be transmitted between June 17, 2021 and December 31, 2021.
  • Only true new retail orders are eligible.
    • Units that were retailed before 6/17/2021 then cancelled and re-retailed after 6/17/2021 will not qualify.
  • Rebate is for one new truck to one qualified trade-in. Quantities are unlimited.
  • Rebates will be in paid local currency pending location (i.e. $3,500 USD in US or $3,500 CAN in Canada)
  • Rebate amounts will be sent by Toyota to each qualified customer within 8 weeks after delivery of truck and Toyota receipt of online rebate form and proper documentation.
  • Cannot be combined with any other promotional/conversion incentives.
  • May be combined/applied with war chest, conquest, and SPR.
  • National Accounts and GSA do not qualify.
  • If retail order is canceled after December 31, 2021 this special limited time rebate will not be available, no exception.

Cannot be combined with existing discount. While supplies last. Offer ends June 30, 2020.

Trade-In Rules

Qualifying trade-ins are limited to:

  • Trade-in vehicle: Toyota and competitive branded LPG/Duel Fuel and Gas models only.
    • Trade-in comes from same location as the new vehicle delivery, not outside the dealer’s APR.
    • Trade-in unit must be operational: defined as being able to operate under its own power without towing.
    • Dealer must provide some monetary value for the trade-in to the end customer (i.e. a credit amount for the trade-in appears on the sales invoice to the customer).
    • Scrapping of the trade-in would indicate it is not operational and therefore would not qualify for the program.
    • Customer is responsible for any freight and or crating of trucks by the dealer for removal and delivery to named dealer location. These costs can be negotiated with the dealer.

Customer Rules

  • Rebate forms will need to be submitted by the end-customers within 90 days of the truck delivery through the Rebate Site. All supporting documents, follow ups and/or corrections must be transacted through the Toyota Rebate site.
    • Dealer to provide customer a copy of the Bill of Lading (BOL). The BOL submitted must show the trade-in unit being transferred to the dealer location.
    • Dealer to provide customer the trade-in verification form that includes the model and serial number of the unit traded-in for submission on the rebate form by the customer.
    • The Trade-in verification form must include a picture of the data plate from the trade-in unit. In the event the trade-in data plate is unavailable (or illegible), then a picture of the trade-in unit itself will be acceptable.

Documents needed to complete your rebate form:

  • Customer to provide a picture of the new truck data plate to include serial number verifying the truck has been delivered to customer location.
  • Customer rebate website: https://rebate.toyotaforklift.com/
  • TMH reserves the right to change the rules and conditions of the program without prior notice.
  • TMH will audit to ensure compliance. Any gross negligence or intentional misuse of this program will result in appropriate response by TMH.