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Big Joe™ prides itself in producing high quality lift trucks and accessories that provide excellent value in long term.

Big Joe™ Manufacturing Company was founded over 50 years ago in 1951 with the invention of our first product, the IBH truck. These trucks were innovations at the time and were designed to bridge the gap between material handling tasks too large for a person to perform, but too small to require a full sit down riding style of forklift truck.

Since the original introduction of the IBH, we have introduced six additional styles of Walkie™ lift trucks made up of over 250 models including both manually propelled and Power-Drive™ units. Specifications available include lift capacities of 1000-6000 pounds with lift heights of up to 204 inches.

Big Joe™ prides itself in producing high quality lift trucks and accessories that provide excellent value in long term. We highly value the business of our end users and our dealers and pledge to deliver high levels of customer service to both.

Pallet Trucks
Big Joe Pallet TrucksFor more than 45 years, Big Joe has been helping companies improve their productivity and operate more efficiently. No matter what type of materials your company handles, one operator with a battery-powered pallet truck can outperform 2 or more operators with manual trucks. Greater productivity from your material handling equipment allows you to reduce your work force and enables your current operators to work more efficiently.

Our complete line of battery-powered pallet trucks includes both heavy duty and medium duty trucks. All feature outstanding reliability, ease of operation and are available in both walkie or rider pallet truck models.

FEATURES: Power driven, 4,000 to 6,000 lbs.capacity
IBH Series
Big Joe IBH SeriesThe Big Joe IBH Series has been the industry standard since it was introduced in the 1950s.

While the trend in material handling is toward power driven equipment, there are many situations where a lift truck is necessary but power travel is not. The new or small business, where funds are limited and usage is not constant, does not require a heavy-duty, power-driven lift truck. The IBH is excellent as a leveling work table on a production line, for use in narrow and tight warehouse space and as a loading/unloading device.

The IBH capacities are conservatively rated so you don’t have to buy more to get what you need and it is not necessary to have a special operator.

There is an IBH model (over 50 to choose from) to fit your requirements. Consult your Big Joe dealer to help you select the correct one.

FEATURES: Manually driven, Up to 2,500 lbs.capacity
Counter Balance Walkie
Big Joe Counter Balance WalkieThe Big Joe PDC/PDCM (Power Drive Counterbalanced) series represents the walkie lift truck version of the sit-down rider lift truck. They provide many of the same advantages at substantially less cost. Because of this, the counterbalanced walkie is often more cost effective when shorter duty-cycles are required. The counterbalanced walkie is used where quick entry and retrieval is required because you are not constrained by straddle alignment. For this same reason, the counterbalanced walkie is the ideal choice when you must handle a variety of pallets, or have staging areas where space is critical. In addition, because of the very short chassis, the Big Joe PDC/PDCM series will turn in tighter areas than comparable trucks.

FEATURES: Power driven, 3,000 lbs. capcacity, Lift heights to 194"
Stock Selectors
Big Joe Stock SelectorsThe Big Joe stock selector series is designed and engineered for efficient order picking. It functions as a multi-use Stock Selector and a portable, self-propelled ladder. It is versatile and can increase productivity. The operator can perform all functions ... lift, lower, forward and reverse from the stock picking level since all controls are located on the elevating operator compartment and platform. The operator can pick orders at various levels and move to other locations without having to lower the platform.

Capacities range from 2000 to 3000 pounds with pick heights up to 23 feet. The Big Joe stock selectors are very maneuverable which allows them to operate efficiently in tight narrow areas. This series also allows you to increase productivity by eliminating the use of ordinary ladders, and decreasing labor needs. They are also excellent for a variety of overhead maintenance applications ... changing lights, repairing overhead heaters and sprinklers ... anywhere you would use a ladder.

FEATURES: Heavy duty, 2,000 to 3,000 lbs. capacity, Lift heights to 16 feet
Walkie Reach Trucks
Big JoeReach TrucksThe PDR is a walkie reach truck that functions as a counterbalanced truck until the reach mechanism retracts the forks toward the mast. It works in narrow aisle configurations like a straddle truck with the versatility of a counterbalanced truck. The 24" reach mechanism extends the load past the load wheels to allow handling a variety of pallet sizes. It can also butt up to machines and shelving. The PDR is rated for 3000 pounds capacity. It is built with components found on heavier rider type equipment. It gives you efficient, dependable handling of heavy palletized loads at a more cost effective price than riders.

The PDR series is designed and built to give you the versatility of counterbalanced forklift trucks along with the narrow aisle capability of a Walkie straddle…a cost efficient choice for your material handling needs.

FEATURES: Heavy & Medium duty, 1,500 to 1,400 lbs. capacity. Lift heights to 16 feet
Straddle Trucks
Big Joe Stradle Reach TruckThis series of power drive straddle trucks evolved from the Big Joe manually propelled (IBH) trucks. These walkie lift trucks provide more efficient material handling in various situations, especially in narrow aisles. They are available in intermediate duty (PDI), medium duty (PDM) and heavy duty (PDH) configurations. Each is designed to fulfill a particular material handling duty-cycle effectively and economically.

FEATURES: Heavy duty power, 2,000 to 4,000 lbs. capacity, Lift heights to 16 feet
For more information, please call 1-877-7BADGER or visit the Big Joe Forklift website
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